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"I Am A Stone-Hearted, Ruthless, Evil Bitch" - Bandy Kiki Of Kinnaka's Blog (Exclusive Interview)

Hi Africa 24 News Readers, If you haven't heard of Kinnaka's blog then you have been very inactive on social media. Kinnaka's blog is one of the most talked about and searched blog on social media with over 1.2 million views in less than a year, Bandy Kiki is changing the face of Gossip/ Entertainment Blogging. 

I decided to interview this most talked about blogger to talk about her blog, social media reputation and her every growing and vicious anonymous readers. This is what she had to say. How you guys enjoy it.

Hi Kiki, Thanks for accepting to do this interview with me. It is a pleasure to have you on my blog. How are you doing today?
Thanks for having me day is brilliant.

So, who is Bandy Kiki?
Kiki is a Banso girl currently living in the UK, a biologist, amateur blogger and a struggling entrepreneur. In fact Bandy Kiki is just Bandy Kiki.

Wow Biologist! Who would have known! When did you start blogging and what made you start?
I started Kinnaka's Blog in July 11, 2015. As for what made me start the blog, it is simple, just wanted a platform where I could torment people hahaha. Now that is a bad joke! Kinnaka's blog is a based for my business model mapped out in my head. Which I am not comfortable sharing yet.

Lol the mind of a true entrepreneur, Keeping everything till the last minute. That's cool. When you started blogging did you ever expect your blog to become this big and popular?
I don't think Kinnaka's blog is big and popular yet, with that said, I am happy at the level which it is at now. However I have always known that through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, anything can happen.

Wait! so you don't think having almost 1.3 million views in less than a year is big? Well i think it is. So, do you blog full time? If not how do you manage blogging and everything else?
No, I do not blog full time. I blog on the go thank to "Blogger app"! Every free time I have I use it to blog which is why I have no social life. I re-share old stories if I am too busy to do new ones. I think I always find a way to "feed my baby" because I am passionate about it and love doing it.

I just stole and idea, sharing old stories when you are too busy to blogger. Love that. Who are some bloggers who inspired you to start blogging?
My mother inspired me to start Kinnaka's blog. I will tell you how on another day.

Lol ok, How has blogging affected your life both positively and negatively?
Positively: I have been introduced to so many opportunities through blogging and even given a sit at a table in rooms I never thought I will enter. One thing you should know about me is that, I am an opportunist in a good way. I also make money from blogging which is always a good thing. Negatively: Many people take what I say now seriously, so I had to let go of some of my child-like behaviors. Some people around me start stories these days by saying "Kiki, I want to tell you something but please don't blog about it..." Then they tell me something totally boring and I get annoyed for them thinking that would even make news on Kinnaka's blog hahaha.

Lol, I can totally relate. If you weren’t blogging what will you be doing?
If I wasn't blogging, I will be doing the things I do when I am not blogging such as working and studying.

You have been getting a lot of backlash about some of the content on your blog. Have you ever regretted a post you did? If so, which and why?
I have never regretted posting anything on Kinnaka's blog no matter the amount of backlash I get. Oh no! I did regret the post about Stanley Enow and Franko because it wasn't true and I issued a retraction and apologized to Stanley, his team and fans. I am not a coward and my beautiful mother taught me well. Mistakes are inevitable and the way we handle them is what is more important.

Some people say you copy and paste a lot of your posts from other sites, what do you have to say to them?
I wonder who those people are! Bad mouthing your competition to get ahead is pitiful. Well "copying and pasting" works for me...let the people try it too (*wink).

Lmao! Recently you have been having a lot of threats to block/ shut down your blog. Why is that? And what do you have to say to ‘them’?
I have been told to stop licking my wounds in public, so I have nothing to say about that.

Cool!! I am sure most people think you are a bitch but who is the real Bandy Kiki.
They couldn't be more right...Bandy Kiki is stone-hearted, ruthless, evil and a bitch. Don't mind KB anonymous, we are a family even though we have this love and hate relationship.

Lol, Kiki, you are a lovely person. Stop joking . lol, I know you will laugh at this but ... you receive a lot of harsh comments from fans of Jovi and Stanley because Jovi fans think you hate Stanley and vise versa. Do you actually have a side? And if yes who? 
" I Am A Stone-Hearted, Ruthless, Evil Bitch" - Bandy Kiki Of Kinnaka's Blog (Exclusive Interview)
Personally I am very indifferent to Jovi and Stanley Enow... I do respect them professionally though. However, Jovi needs a new brand manager because not every opportunity will come knocking on the door of New Bell and Stanley really needs to work on his Lyrics. Did you listen and watch what he sang/rapped on TV5 Monde. It was very hurtful to my ears I must say!

Lol, my lips are sealed. I don't want to get in trouble lmao. So who is your favorite Cameroon music and/or musician right now?
I am in love with Mr Leo's sort of music, Benzil's and Waz Hadji's. Many artist will be mad I didn't call their names but I have to be honest about what I like. This says more about my taste than anything else.

Ya, love Mr Leo too, and Benzil's Shake it song. You always put Cameroon celebs on blast who is your favorite Cameroon Celeb and why?
I don't have any fave Cameroonian celeb. They all piss me off one way or another to be honest lol.

Really? lol. What are some of your pet peeves?
Pet peeves? Never heard of that word. Had to google it, we learn everyday. Well, one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing people wasting talents. It happens a lot in Cameroon as you already know.

I totally agree with you on that, but then again some people don't have the means to express their talent, That's where we come in. You do post a lot about love and relationships on your Facebook page. Who is the lucky man?
No, I don't post a lot about relationships and love except when I am trying to be funny maybe. There is no MAN.

No MAN? Guys, Kiki is SINGLE. lol. Talking of relationships, you blogged a lot about the conflict between Eto’o and Natalie Koah. What is your take on it?
I am going to try to be politically correct here so that my words never come back to haunt me. Nathalie and Eto'o should have kept the whole thing under lock and key. I am sad the saga is fading away though. I had so much fun reporting it...

What’s Kiki’s view on the Sasse incidence when a boarder was killed in school and what is your advice?
I was in a boarding school for 7 years and have seen the "ugliness" that goes on there. Rather than trying so hard to convince everyone that Marius didn't die from being beaten to death, I think Saint Joseph's College Sasse and other boarding schools should "kill" the bully culture by senior students so that if something of this nature ever happens no one's mind would go towards that direction.

I couldn't agree more, my form 1 and 2 days where the worst *sad face*. So, what is next for Kinnaka’s blog? I heard something about Kinnaka TV? What is that about?
Kinnaka TV is part of my business model I earlier told you about. The blog and the TV are just like two siblings with one parent. I just hope people wouldn't punish the TV for the "sins" of the blog. Unfortunately they already are as Kinnaka TV team told me a Cameroonian actress refused to collaborate while they were shooting in Yaounde because of how "anonymous" dealt with her on the blog. I think that is silly, lol. But then again some people cannot separate what I say and what "anonymous" says. Kinnaka TV team leader, Queen couldn't be more right when she said: "Kiki, some people become celebrities even before they are celebrities". The details of Kinnaka TV will be released subsequently, Kinnaka TV is the gift that will keep giving. For those questioning the future of Kinnaka's blog now that I have the TV project, well I will run the two smoothly. I am sure some people have figured out by now that I am humble but unapologetic about what I want to achieve. I wish more Cameroonian youths could embody that.

I think we all know who the actress is, lmao. Where do you see yourself in about 5 years?
I just want more happiness in the next five year and I can only get that by fully executing my business model.

A true business lady! What advice do you have for people who are thinking of starting or just started blogging?
My advice is simple...learn to "copy and paste"... Seriously, my advice is to do you and focus! There is a lot of ugliness in that territory. All you need to do is put your head up and be you.

A word to Cameroon Celebs and artists?
Cameroonian celebs and artists you are all very brave for taking a step towards living your dreams. Keep working hard towards your dreams...This is the moment to get your brand out there! There is a wind of change blowing across the country and only those who didn't give up will cash in. If I didn't believe what I am telling you now, I wouldn't be blogging about entertainment. Magasco, much love and have achieved so much in the last few months through hard work and persistence.

Very lovely advice, that wind of change is blowing fast and strong. Magasco is killing it right now, I am so proud as well. Thanks Kiki for this interview. It has been a pleasure. Some of your answers got me in tears lol. Wish you the best in all your endeavors and don't hesitate to contact me if you need my help.

Thanks for Alison. I am humbled and feel incredibly honored that you even considered interviewing me. Thanks again...Beriwo.

Thanks for reading.  You can check out Kinnaka's blog - Here.

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