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Mnangagwa Will Win 2018 Elections If He Continues Visiting Churches Says Prophet Blessing Chiza

Bulawayo based renowned Prophet Dr Blessing Samuel Chiza has given a wide ranging prophecy for the year 2018 in which he claims that President Emerson Mnangagwa will win the 2018 elections for as long as he continues visiting churches.

Prophet Chiza also prophesies a boom in the economy of Zimbabwe which will see Zimbabweans living in the diaspora track back home in large numbers to invest in the country and to seek jobs in the revived ed economy.

Full details of Chiza’s prophecy:

1. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I saw two major doors that are going to open for Zimbabwe. These doors will bring economic transformation. One is in Asia and another one is in Europe. These two doors will practically open and they will cause the Zimbabwean people to smile.

2. International Prophecy: I see a shaking that is going to happen on the American continent. Especially concerning politics. I saw a prominent war with North Korea and it destabilized their finances (America). I see the North Korean leader will start a war. This will affect the cosmology of the world as I saw a huge bombing happening which destroyed the environment. God shows us so that we pray, so that lives are not lost.
3. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Let us begin praying in the spirit because I saw two major lions that were existent in Zimbabwe that released two dangerous lizards from their mouths. One was released in March and the other in June. However, Zimbabwe will be contained by the Lord as God has placed a hedge of protection, Isaiah 57vs19. One lizard released ‘an act’ and the other one released ‘a statement’. God says let the wise interpret this prophecy that has been released. Due to the sensitivity of these prophecies, you will need to interpret them for yourself.
Mnangagwa Will Win 2018 Elections If He Continues Visiting Churches Says Prophet Blessing Chiza
4. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Intercessors lets pray. I saw in the spirit a man and on his forehead it was written certain statements. He was wearing a black jacket and a grey jacket and he was angry on his face. It was written on his face 17 July 2018. In his right hand it was written 15meters and 15 days. In the left hand it was written period from 17-21 July 2018 which will be crucial to Zimbabwe. God is saying we need to pray for Zimbabwe. What is the meaning of 17 in the spirit? God asked me what is 10 + 7, if you are wise, you will see it.
5. Zimbabwe Prophecy: In the Spirit I continue to see Zimbabweans celebrating in the events that will occur because of an announcement that will be done, that made people happy and it will bring a lot of hope to Zimbabwe.
6. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I also see a president of an overseas nation coming to Zimbabwe with a big delegation and it came to my eyes in the spirit three times. The president gave fish to Zimbabwe and these fish were too many. The boats were so full like Luke 5. Some fish moved out of the boats and the fish were swimming in rivers in Zimbabwe. God explained this as liquidity in Zimbabwe and God said “let the wise interpret”.
7. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see the economy of Zimbabwe starting to show signs of real change. What we have been seeing was no real change but as we approach the end of the year 2018 there is going to be real changes. The changes are going to come as a small man’s hand. Little by little and line upon line and precept upon precept. This small hand is like a small cloud which will be expanded and release abundance.
8. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I also see a time very soon when Zimbabweans in the diaspora are coming back. Ruth 1vs6, Naomi’s that had left the country will make plans to come back into Zimbabwe. I hear voices of people in the spirit saying let’s go back to our country, it has been visited by bread. Whites and blacks are going to come back to Zimbabwe and bread is metaphoric for provision.
9. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see a serious wave of many pastors involved in politics like never before in 2018, campaigning and God is saying this is of God. There will be two types of churches. One on the mountain and one in the valley and this is of God. God will make some churches to be in the valley practically so that the change God wants will come into the nation.
10.Zimbabwe Prophecy: The Holy Spirit spoke to me again, to encourage all Zimbabweans in the country to improve themselves before the return of Diaspora Zimbabweans, it will affect some of you. It will put pressure on certain areas in the country:
Upgrade your educational level
Regularise your business by acquiring formal papers. Black market and informal ways of doing business will disappear as Zimbabwe moves in to the near future (the new system will disqualify you if your things are not in order).
Acquire a house or a housing stand. Upgrade your accommodation level as rentals will increase and they will become expensive.
Enter mining, agriculture and tourism faster and establish yourself there.
Begin to gear up your body to work hard, that life of making money when sleeping will end. The spirit of laziness will not sustain people in the future. The new economic system will not allow laziness. The informal sector is ending as we proceed (2018-2019). Education will start to matter and the people coming from the diaspora have been educating themselves in a serious way (right now people can be employed with two o’levels but that will end. Do a course, do something). I see the going of many Zimbabweans into the diaspora was the plan of God. Their acquiring of education was to obtain certain skills to rain Zimbabwe.
11. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Zimbabwe will be ranked as one of the most educated nations in the world. Amongst the top five and this will attract investors into the country. God shook Zimbabwe and allowed people to leave the country so that they acquire the expertise. Medical Doctors, if you don’t upgrade yourself, you will lose jobs as these doctors will have experience and expertise. Some in Zimbabwe shall be stressed and frustrated because of the pressure that will come.
12. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see a lot of investors coming into Zimbabwe, real ones, who shall conclude with real deals with Zimbabwean companies. Some entered into business by chance because the economy was disturbed (upgrade yourself and take classes to understand investors, shares and dividends). Things you were ignoring in newspapers, start to read them so that you are up to date.
13. International Prophecy: Pray for Indonesia and Philippines in 2018. God showed me serious plans of earthquakes in these nations and God made me pray for them. As I was in my hotel room I felt the earthquake but it was in a dream.
14. International Prophecy: I see a big shaking in the UK. I see people laying flowers and wreaths of honour. Let’s pray and mourn for the UK.
15. International Prophecy: The time when we entered Qatar, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that pray for her (Qatar) because there is going to be a rise of serious terrorism attacks from that region. Which will affect America and European nations at alarming levels. When travelling to other nations, you need to seriously pray because I see bombs at different places- in airports, churches and market places. France, Belgium, UK, America, some Asian countries and three nations in Africa about two in the West and one in the East. There will be confusion on how to handle these attacks and there will be debates on these issues in CNN and BBC.
16. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see the elections of 2018 be done in some new ways and improvements. Although I see serious jostling and shoving for winning as I see many many contenders, some without names, hoping for a ticket to power even without names. The winner will win without a big Margins
17.Zimbabwe Prophecy: This 2018 elections season, God is saying to Cde Mnagagwa, if he seriously wants to win these elections, he must continue visiting churches for favour and prayer so that he can win the elections. “As the church is the one I have given the ballot in the spirit”, by visiting churches, power shall be established. That is the condition, it is an IF.
18.Zimbabwe Prophecy: In the spirit I saw a peaceful handling of elections in 2018 but they shall be hotly contested. There will be serious contests albeit peaceful. There will be few political disturbances during the elections but it will be peaceful. Many shall witness the peace which will prevail. It will be of God and not of man. N.B other electoral monitoring (external) bodies will declare the elections as the most peaceful and fair.
19. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see Zimbabwe, after elections, is going to be recognised in a serious way by the EU, UN, AU, Commonwealth and some other powerful world economic organisations such as the IMF and WB. Which are necessary for a country to be sound and liquid.
20. Zimbabwe Prophecy: In the spirit, I heard three times, “Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe”. Give Psalms 126 and put in on the flag of Zimbabwe. I saw a man in a vision putting Psalms 126 on the flag of Zimbabwe. He was wearing white apparel. I asked God what it means and God said it is honour, all nations that despised Zimbabwe will start to honour Zimbabwe. By end of 2019 and 2020 all the disrespect will be removed, those that despised Zimbabweans will start to honour them. You are going to see Tswanas and South Africans coming to look for jobs in Zimbabwe. If you are in Zimbabwe now! Don’t leave, you will be running away from milk and honey. If you are still in Zimbabwe now, don’t go because it will be a too late move.
21. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I also see the cash crises easing as we go along, from mid to end of 2018 period. I saw a whip that was given to a man in the spirit and he inflicted pain on certain individuals who vomited money. Three to five big birds were released and they vomited money and I saw the country becoming sound and liquid. (I will explain what I saw about the whip and the three to five birds).
22. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I saw accidents of cars killing people through overturning. In 2017 there were head on collisions but 2018 it will be cars overturning, and I saw cars top side up with wheels in the air. Some will overturn three or four times, and it will involving all manner of cars. When demons are killing people, they bring a trend.
23. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Repetition of 2017 prophecy, tell your children and those who listen to prophecies, tell them not to acquire bank loans. For now let them use biblical principles of growing their business-tithing and sowing seeds. There is going to be a very tempting rate of acquiring loans however it will be very difficult to pay it back. Some will even lose houses and cars. Many bank managers were criticising this prophecy but now they are calling and confirming that people are struggling to pay back loans. Follow instructions and don’t take a loan. Accept investors only but not bank loans.
24. Zimbabwe Prophecy: Zimbabwe is going to be a land of milk and honey as I see improvements happening here and there.
25. Zimbabwe Prophecy: God shall make it clear to everyone who is the person that shall win the elections. It will be very predictable when the time comes. God showed me the person but I am not at liberty to mention the name. God is in control and everything you shall see happening during and after the elections has a serious touch of the hand of God. The will of God will prevail.
26. Zimbabwe Prophecy: I see many souls coming to Jesus in Zimbabwe in 2018 and many churches shall experience revival and growth numerically, of souls.
27. Zimbabwe Prophecy: It was a vision, that appeared five times in my eyes and I spoke to my father and the Holy Spirit gave us the interpretation of the vision, which I am not at liberty to release until the time comes, as it appeared in a figurative manner. It is for the wise and spiritual. I saw a man in the spirit and this man was wearing a gown and it was purple in nature and in colour. With a passion in his heart, medium size in height and holding a golden sceptre in his right hand and a bible in the left hand. To my surprise the bible and the sceptre had the map of Zimbabwe inscribed on it. He was walking to and fro the map of Zimbabwe then I saw him changing into a ploughing oxen and he started tilling Zimbabwe’s field and grounds with other 12 oxen. Which worked really hard but I saw at the end that the many oxen looked up in the sky in expectation of rain but few rains came and there was little harvest. They tried all tricks of farming but it did not work, then God said Zechariah 4vs6 and God said read it to these oxen. The oxen came to me and God said to me “My son Chiza, deliver the oxen first”. I delivered the oxen and it felt like I was carrying a baby and the oxen started manifesting some demons. People were surprised that the oxen were manifesting evil spirits as I carried it on my chest and people were shocked because it looked big and heavy but felt light like a baby. 

After it was delivered, God told me to release it into the field to work, then a red tag was put on it and I woke up.

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